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Dellwood Park

Dellwood Park was built in 1905-06 by the Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Company to help promote ridership on the line. Costing nearly $300,000 to build, Dellwood Park officially opened July 4, 1905, and quickly became one of the most outstanding and beautiful park sites in the state. During the peak years, as many as 15,000 persons visited the park on weekends during company picnics. A grandstand was built at a cost of $10,000, and as many as 5,000 spectators sat in the stand to watch many events, including baseball games and sulky races. For over 30 years, Dellwood Park, just north of Joliet in Lockport, was one of the finest amusement, recreational and picnic areas in the region. Thousands of people came to the park each year by rail from Chicago and other surrounding communities.

During the summer months, visitors would use the lake, which was created by damming Long Run Creek, to swim and boat. During the winter months, visitors would enjoy ice skating on the frozen lake.

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