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Runyon Cemetery 

The Runyon Cemetery, located on the north side of Lockport, is the burial place of some family members of Armstead Runyon's family. The cemetery is located in the Runyon Forest Preserve, however it is not easily accessible from the main entrance to the park at Morgan and Table Streets. In order to easily access the cemetery, you need to take Table St. north to Bluff St., make a right on Bluff and then take a right at the end of Bluff on to West St. Once you are on West, you will drive past a mailbox on your right that says 410 and just past that on the right side is an opening in the trees with a wooden barricade and a grass path. There is no marking indicating that the cemetery is there. You will need to park along the street and be careful not to block the road or any driveways. Once on the path, you head west a short distance and then make a right. By this time the small cemetery is already in view.


 Ronyon Cemetery entramce Lockport il Path Runyon Park Lockport Il

Entrance to Runyon cemetery

View of cemetery from the path

Winfred Runyon tombstone runyon prk lockport il  Oliver Runyon tombstone runyon park lockport il 
Winfred Runyon tombstone

Oliver Runyon tombstone

Marker Runyon park lockport il  Modern marker for Anna Runyon runyon park lockport il 
Modern markers Oliver & Winfred Runyon
Modern marker for Anna Runyon
Runyon Cemetery marker runyon park lockport il  View of Ronyon cemeteryrunyon park lockport il 
Runyon Cemetery marker  View of cemetery