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Lockport, Illinois: The Old Canal Town
by John Lamb

'Lockport, Illinois: The Old Canal Town' the book!

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First published in 1999 and out of print and in high demand for several years, this addition to the Images of America series traces the history of Lockport, Illinois, from the height of its canal activity in the late 1860s to its decline as the lifeblood of the town in the early 20th century. Lockport's story is revealed here in over 200 vintage photographs that trace the town's progress from its early days through the 1970s, when the canal reappeared as a recreational and tourist attraction. In Lockport, Illinois: The Old Canal Town, author John Lamb offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Lockport's founding fathers, as well as an in-depth look at the Deeming family, whose fortunes and livelihoods depict the economic and cultural trends followed by many of Lockport's families.

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Passport to Lockport

City of Historic Pride

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A Short Walk Through Time and Place.

Past and Present in Lockport are Virtually Inseparable.

Walk just a few blocks through the historic district and it becomes
clear that the past and present in Lockport are virtually inseparable. What
was old has been made new again. Each site featured in this Passport is a
part of the legacy of our 19th century canal town. Many sites retain their
original appearance and function; others have been adapted for new uses.